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A Cleaning Job? Here’s why you should say YES!


Andrea (Andie) Green had been working with Footprint Cleaning for just over 1 month when we interviewed her:


1. Why did you first start with FC?
I started because I love the work environment. We are always travelling in a team. And I also love cleaning. Making something dull to something shiny again.


2. What goals has FC helped you achieve?
To be more outgoing in my personality. To always look for a way to make something better. My pet hates are; hand prints on walls and door frames!
The jobs I do at work I have carried on at home. You pick up handy tips along the way.


3. What have you discovered / learned / enjoyed along the way?

Oooh I would have to say; sandpapering the toilet and basin getting those dirty brown areas off. It’s not glamorous, you sweat a lot, but I like doing it!



4. What 3 words would you use to describe our culture?
Diverse, understanding, magical…


5. What type of person would you recommend apply for a job with FC?
Definitely a hard worker, be able to work shift work (day and night), a go-getter, positive attitude, doesn’t mind working in the heat.


6. Don’t work with FC if you…
Are lazy! At the end of the day it’s not my business it’s Taryn and Aaron’s. We just help, but if you respect them and their business you will get respect back from them.



7. What attributes does someone need to work with FC?
They need to love the job, love cleaning. Have a passion for it (motivation).


8. What do you look forward to with FC?
Definitely all the different jobs we go to. We have a lot of job places. Every one of them is a different clean. The people / our team, love our team. Laughing, talking, banter. It’s a great business to work for.



9. What impact has FC had on your personal / family life?
The money is good! Helps a lot with bills and planning birthday / Christmas presents for my kids. To have an understanding partner helps too.


10. Anything else you’d like to add?
I love working along some cool people. It’s a great business to work for. Couldn’t ask for better bosses than Aaron and Taryn.



Note – Andie answered our questions unprompted. She took the questions home and answered them in her own way, in her own time.


The photos with puppies were from a shoot supporting SAFE Broome who are recipients of our sponsorship and radio advertising package by Abby Murray Photography – copyright 2019

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